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Can cranberry juice cure a yeast infection

Can cranberry juice cure a yeast infection?


Are you wondering if cranberry juice can help you fight a yeast infection? Cranberries offer many health benefits thanks to proanthocyanidins, a chemical compound that can also be found in other foods, such as blackcurrants, grapes and red wine. The most renown health benefits of cranberries are:


  • Cranberries prevent platelet build-up and Can cranberry juice cure a yeast infection?lower blood pressure reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


  • They can slow tumour growth in the following types if cancer: ovarian, breast, liver, prostate, colon.


  • They can also improve your dental health by stopping bacteria from sticking to your teeth and improving gum health thanks to its ant-inflammatory properties.


  • Cranberries are also widely used to cure and prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections). The proanthocyanidins stop bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract and reducing inflammation.



But can cranberries treat a yeast infection?


There isn’t as much research research about the antifungal properties of cranberries as there’s about aloe vera or honey,  and none of the studies focus specifically on vaginal yeast infections. Having said that, the studies that are available look very promising and show that cranberries can be used to beat Candida, have a look at some of them:


Can cranberry juice cure a yeast infection?

  • In one study crude extracts of cranberry were used to check how they affect different Candida species. The researchers found out that cranberry extract is especially effective in preventing Candida glabrata from sticking to surfaces and damaging Candida albicans protective membranes called biofilm.


  • Another study used artificial urine to see how cranberries can help cure urine yeast infection. The study shows that the proanthocyanidins found in cranberries prevent formation of biofilms in Candida albicans and interfere with its adherence abilities.


  • A study focusing on oral yeast infection found that cranberry proanthocyanidins reduce the inflammation caused by Candida species, by damaging their biofilms and adhesion ability, so cranberry should be further investigated to come up with new treatments for oral candidiasis.


Although there’s no research available about how cranberries can help fight vaginal yeast infections, there’s a lot of evidence of its strong antifungal qualities. So drinking cranberry juice, eating cranberries or taking cranberry based supplements may be very effective to prevent Candida infections or support antifungal treatment. Also, it’s worth to include other foods containing proanthocyanidins, such as blackcurrants and grapes, in your diet.



So how can you make the most of cranberries?


  • Incorporate cranberries in your daily diet by adding them to your smoothies, yogurt and morning oatmeal.


  • Drink cranberry juice (make sure it’s pure juice and not juice drink, no sugar added)


  • Can cranberry juice cure a yeast infection-Take cranberry supplements, such as Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit 4200mg/ Plus Vitamin C:


  • It’s got a high concentration of cranberry extract (50:1 ratio), the equivalent of 4200 mg of fresh cranberries per pill. It’s the highest concentration I found on the market.


  • It’s enriched in vitamin C and E to further boost your immunity


  • Apart from it’s antifungal qualities, it’ll help you maintain healthy urinary tract, prevent and and treat UTI.


  • Remember that cranberry supplements could interact with some blood thinning medication, antibiotics, aspirin and liver medication.



  • For more variety, try other proanthocyanidin-rich foods, such as grapes, apples, red wine, blueberries, black chokeberries, bilberries, black currants, hazelnuts, pecan nuts and pistachios.





The antifungal and immunity boosting qualities of cranberries make them one of the most effective natural remedies for vaginal yeast infections, and the fact that apart from interacting with some medication they virtually don’t cause any side effects makes them one of the safest as well. By incorporating them in your diet you can help prevent yeast infections or use them as a supplement of your antifungal treatment when you’re suffering from a vaginal yeast infection. Make sure you’ve always got a supply of cranberries on hand!


Have you ever used cranberries for a yeast infection? Did it help? Please share your comments and experiences in the comment section below.



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