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Can yeast infections be sexually transmitted

Can yeast infections be sexually transmitted?

Can yeast infections be sexually transmitted?


can yeast infections be sexually transmitted

The answer seems obvious, as usually the treatment of vaginal yeast infections involves treating the woman’s sexual partner and they are told to use condoms during the Candida bout to avoid reinfection. When I started researching the topic in depth I was expecting to find a lot of evidence in support of this practice.


Once again, I was surprised to find many studies that show there is no link between male sexual partners and vaginal yeast infections at all!


Let’s See What Science Says


  • One study focused on female and male factors in recurring vaginal yeast infections. They found that candidiasis was linked to receptive anal and oral sex and douching, but not to the number of sexual partners or whether they were Candida positive or not.

    • Another study tried to  establish if  treatment of the Can yeast infections be sexually transmitted?sexual partners of women with vaginal candidiasis with oral Ketoconazole improved recovery and recurrence rate. They treated 144 women with vaginal candidiasis and half the male partners with Ketoconazole 400 mg daily for 7 days. In the group with untreated partners 53 of 72 women recovered after one week, in the group with treated partners 57 of 72 recovered after one week.


    • In the group with untreated partners 53% experienced a recurrence 4 weeks after starting treatment compared to 61% in the untreated partners group. The difference is very small, so the investigators concluded that simultaneous treatment of the male partners with Ketoconazole didn’t affect either recovery rate or recurrence rate in women with vaginal yeast infections.


    • There is another study that focused on lesbian couples and it found no evidence for sexual transmission of genital Candida between women.



    • A recent study that looked at sexual Can yeast infections be sexually transmitted?transmission of genital yeast infections in heterosexual couples. Researchers found the same Candida species in both partners in 25% of all couples but only 17.2%  were genetically similar. I was surprised to find that only 16% of women with recurrent vaginal thrush had Candida positive partner while 84% of Candida positive men were partners of women who didn’t suffer from recurrent Candida episodes. So the researchers say that male sexual partners are not a risk factor when it comes to vaginal yeast infections.





    I was very surprised with these findings, to say the least. I’d be interested to hear from a medical professional who could tell me how these findings could affect treatment of women with recurring vaginal yeast infections. Perhaps there are studies that totally discredit the ones I presented above? Surely, the researchers sometimes commit errors when it comes to their methods and interpretations.


    All in all, the studies I’ve discussed show can yeast infections be sexually transmittedthat the most important factor in Candida transmission are sexual practices such as oral sex and receptive anal sex. It’s worth knowing that having sex more than 7 times a week and the use of condoms with nonoxynol-9 are sex related risk factors.


    What’s more, vaginal yeast infection is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease because it happens to women who have never had sex (it occurs even in baby girls) or don’t have a sexual partner when they get the infection, and because Candida is a part of the normal vaginal flora.


    Tell me about your experiences. What do you think triggers your vaginal yeast infections?



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