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Does sugar cause yeast infections?

Does sugar cause yeast infections?

Does sugar cause yeast infection


We often hear that eating too much sugar causes vaginal yeast infections. It seems plausible at first because yeast thrive on sugar, but if we look at the research we’ll get a slightly different picture. So, does sugar cause yeast infections? It turns out that the connection is not as obvious as it seems.  Here’s why:


  • A study that looked at the connection between sugar intake and the level of sugar in the vagina shows that there is no link. The researchers gave a group of women a glucose drink and checked their blood and vaginal sugar before and after having it. There was no change in the level of vaginal sugar both for women with or without previous yeast infections. It could mean that eating sugary foods doesn’t trigger vaginal yeast infections.


  • However, in another study about the connection between consumption of sugar and glucose levels in the vagina, the results show that women with recurrent vaginal yeast infections, although not necessarily diabetic, may have a slightly impaired glucose tolerance. So the researchers recommend glucose tolerance testing for women with recurrent vaginal candidiasis.


So what’s the best way to treat a vaginal yeast infection?


You can choose from a wide variety of antifungal treatments, from over the counter medication to natural remedies. Have a look at my list of products I recommend to my readers:


Does sugar cause yeast infections?


  • Boric acid suppositories – a 100% natural treatment, it’s effective even in women with persistent and recurrent vaginal yeast infections. You can read more about how boric acid treats yeast infections here.



If you want to learn about other treatment options, read my articles about medications and natural cures.




Although I think we need much more research into the Does sugar cause yeast infections?effects of eating sugar on vaginal yeast infections, it seems that healthy women can enjoy a sugary treat from time to time, they probably don’t need to cut down on natural sugars found in fruit and they can consume moderate amounts of carbohydrates. In normal circumstances, your body will able to process sugar without it causing Candida overgrowth.


However, if you’re getting recurrent yeast infections, it may be worth checking your glucose tolerance. If it’s in any way compromised, or it turns out you’ve got diabetes, you should consider cutting down your sugar intake as well as getting proper treatment to help stabilize the glucose levels in your blood so you can prevent future vaginal yeast infections.


I’m interested to know if you think eating sugar triggers more vaginal yeast infections in your case? Have you tried cutting it down? Did it help you to get rid of Candida?


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