IsoFresh Vaginal Gel Review

IsoFresh Vaginal Gel Review


In this IsoFresh Vaginal Gel review, I’ll tell why I think it’s one of the best vaginal pH balancing gels out there. I’ll look at the ingredient list, and the pros and cons taking into consideration user reviews so that you can make an informed decision before you by your gel. Read on!


Product name: IsoFresh Vaginal Gel


Where to buy: Amazon


Ingredients:  Purified water, carbomer, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, lactic acid, sodium lactate, sodium chloride, xylose (from raspberry), sodium hydroxide, clary sage oil, and a nature-identical preservative (phenethyl alcohol and caprylyl glycol)


IsoFresh Vaginal Gel Review


How Does IsoFresh Gel Work?


IsoFresh ingredients help you maintain a healthy vaginal pH. When your vaginal pH is disturbed it’s easier for potentially harmful bacteria and yeast to thrive and cause vaginal issues such as odor, bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.


IsoFresh will balance your vaginal pH to help you prevent any unwanted vaginal symptoms. You can use it any time your vaginal pH is likely to be disturbed: after your period, sex, swimming in a pool or drinking a lot of alcohol.


One box contains 2 applicators which you can insert into your vagina to squirt the gel inside. The gel itself is in a tube, so you can reuse each applicator up to 6 times. You can use it every 3 days, but users report its effect lasts for up to 7 days, pretty good!


What I Like About IsoFresh Gel:


  • It contains lactic acid, a natural acid produced by friendly bacteria in your vagina to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH.


IsoFresh Vaginal Gel Review


  • IsoFresh salt level is the same as that of your cells, which enables your vaginal walls to stay hydrated and healthy. Some vaginal gels have got too high salt levels, which means they can have a drying effect which can cause irritation.


  • It’s economical, every box contains 12 doses of gel, unlike other products that you can get for the same price only to find 4 doses inside.


  • According to reviews, it’s the only gel that doesn’t cause allergic reactions 


  • I checked all the ingredients with and I found that all but one have got zero to very low toxicity levels. The only ingredient that could cause irritation is sodium hydroxide, however, it would have to be much more concentrated to give any unwanted side effects.


What I Don’t Like About IsoFresh Gel:


  • Some users complain that IsoFresh gel leaves behind a clumpy residue that doesn’t fully dissolve in the vagina


  • Some women are not happy with having to refill and wash the applicator before and after every use


  • IsoFresh gel expires six months after opening, which may be a disadvantage to some





IsoFresh vaginal gel is definitely one of the best products of this type. I’m especially impressed with its ingredient list. It’s got no potentially harmful and toxic compounds and it contains lactic acid that is bound to re-balance your vaginal pH naturally. 75% of users are very happy with this product, so you should definitely give it a try.


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Have you ever used IsoFresh? Did it work? Would you recommend a different vaginal gel instead? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.