Coconu Lubricant Review

Coconu Lubricant Review


Coconu lubricant is an excellent choice for women who tend to get yeast infections, BV or whose skin gets easily irritated. It’s got only natural ingredients, many of them with healing properties.

And its main component, coconut oil, makes sexual intercourse so much more satisfying thanks to its texture. In this review, I’ll tell you what are the pros and cons of this lubricant (although I have to admit it’s my personal favorite!).


Product Name: Coconu Lubricant


Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Canola Oil, Kukui Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tocopherol (Non-GMO, Natural antioxidant)


Coconu lubricant review

What I Like About Coconu Lubricant:


  • It’s got only natural ingredients. It means that you’re a lot less likely to suffer lubricant-related irritation. Additionally, Coconu Lubricant doesn’t contain glycerin. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol which can trigger a yeast infection.


Coconu lubricant review


  • Some of the ingredients have got antifungal and antibacterial properties, so they’ll help you prevent vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. These ingredients are coconut oil and beeswax.


  • This lubricant is fragrance-free, tasteless and edible!


  • It’s got 81% of 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon, that’s pretty good!



What are the Cons of Using Coconu Lubricant?


  • It may not provide as much glide as conventional lubricants


  • Coconu Lubricant cannot be used with normal condoms as it can disintegrate them. You’ll have to use polyurethane condoms instead


Coconu lubricant review


  • It may be difficult to wash this lubricant off sex toys and it can damage those made of silicone


  • Some users are not happy with its texture and they complain that it dries quickly






Coconu is a great choice for women who tend to get yeast infections and BV. Due to its natural antimicrobial properties, it will help you prevent those infections.  It contains only natural ingredients and they’re not likely to cause irritation (unless you’re allergic to one of them).

The only drawback is that it’s not your conventional lubricant with a lasting glide. You’ll have to keep reapplying it from time to time. But’s it’s a price worth paying for using a lubricant that’s natural and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients that could prove toxic to you and your partner.


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