Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review

Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review


Let me introduce my personal favorite when it comes to probiotic supplements for vaginal health: Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Women. I discovered it a few years ago and I keep using it on a daily basis ever since.


Other probiotic supplements I tried either didn’t work for me or caused some unpleasant symptoms, usually digestive issues. Raw Probiotics Women work best for me and, along with Saforelle Probiotic Tampons, they’ve helped me get rid of vaginal yeast infections for good.

Why use probiotic supplements for vaginal health?


If you want to prevent or get rid of a vaginal yeast infection, use probiotic supplements on daily basis. They help reestablish a healthy balance of friendly bacteria, which stabilizes the vaginal pH levels making it difficult for Candida to breed and cause unpleasant symptoms.


If you suffer from recurring vaginal yeast infections, apart from using oral probiotic supplements, you can try probiotic suppositories and probiotic tampons, to provide the much-needed probiotics directly to the vagina.


Probiotic supplements not only support your vaginal health but also your immune system and digestive system, relieving bloating and constipation. For more information about how probiotics help fight Candida, check my article.


Product name: Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women, 90 capsules



Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review


Probiotic Strains: 85 billion CFU (colony forming units)


L. casei

L. plantarum

L. reuteri

L. rhamnosus

Bifidobacterium bifidum

Bifidobacterium lactis

Bifidobacterium longum

L. acidophilus

L. bulgaricus

L. gesseri

L. helveticus

L. kefiranofaciens

L. kefirgranum

L. lactis

L. cremosis

L. kefir


L. parakefir

L. brevis

Lactococcus lactis biovar diacetylactis

Streptococcus thermophilus

Leuconostoc lactis

Leuconostoc mesenteroides

Leuconostoc cremoris

Leuconostoc dextranicum

Kluyveromyces marxianus

Brettanomyces anomalus

Debaryomyces hansenii

Saccharomyces unisporus

Saccharomyces turicensis

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Saccharomyces exiguus

Torulaspora delbureckii



Other Ingredients:  Red bell pepper, Green pea, Carrot, Plum, Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lactase, Protease, Aspergillopepsin, Vegetable cellulose. For vitamins and minerals, check the image on the right.


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review

Ingredients: Vitamins and Minerals



Directions: Adults can take 3 capsules a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening, preferably with a meal. You can gradually increase your daily intake to 9 capsules a day. According to research, probiotic supplements work best when taken with dairy products, such as yogurt or milk. You can also open the capsule and add the powder to your yogurt.




  • Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women contains an impressive selection of 32 probiotic strains, many with clinically proven effectiveness against vaginal yeast infections. Research shows that L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri can colonize the vagina when taken orally. What’s more, some studies found that the more probiotic strains in a supplement, the more probable it is that they will actually colonize the vagina, as women in different parts of the world have got a different vaginal flora and they need different probiotic strains to reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infections.


  • The supplement is gluten-free, it’s got no soy allergens, no binders, no fillers and no carriers.


  • It contains dairy-digesting enzymes to help break down lactose and casein and relieve milk-related digestive issues.


  • The probiotics are guaranteed to be alive until the best before date if kept under 77°F (22°C).


  • Garden of Life products are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they are certified organic.


  • It’s a very popular probiotic supplement on Amazon, with 79% of 4 and 5-star reviews.





  • Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women contains dairy, so you cannot take it if you’re allergic to milk.


  • Some reviewers complain that  Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women caused digestive issues such as bloating and diarrhea.


Garden of life raw probiotics women


  • Many reviewers complain that Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women is not shipped with an ice pack, which can affect their effectiveness. If you want to check if the probiotics in your probiotic supplement are still alive, do a milk test. Get two cups of milk. Add a spoon of probiotic powder from the capsules to one of them and leave them at room temperature for at least 10 hours. If the probiotic milk is curdled, has got a yogurt film or bubbles, it’s a sign that your probiotics are alive. One of the reviewers actually did a milk test on Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women, and it passed with flying colors!


  • I didn’t find any clinical studies results on their website.





Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women contains an impressive count of 32 strains of friendly bacteria. Thanks to this high count, the probability of your vagina getting colonized and protected against vaginal yeast infections is very high.


The fact that it’s regulated by the FDA ensures high quality of the product free from heavy metals and pollutants and toxins.


Garden of life raw women review


Although some users complain that it’s shipped without an ice pack, most probiotic supplements are manufactured to ensure that they survive a few days of shipment.


Make sure you put the bottle in the fridge when you receive it, and if you’re not sure if the product is still 100% effective, do a milk test. You can always send it back if you’re not happy with it.


In my opinion, The Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women is a very powerful supplement and one of the best ones on the market when it comes to fighting and preventing vaginal infections. You can buy it on Amazon.


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women Review


I’d love to know what’s your favorite probiotic supplement? Have you tried Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women? Did it work for you? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.


  • Waoh, nice website, with a lot of quality content. I didn’t even know that males could also have yeast infection. And I also didn’t know that yeast infection could be prevented by taking probiotics, just thought that they can be treated once you get infected. Good information, I like the fact that you researched about the cons of using Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women.

    • Hi Afees, I’m glad you found somw uawful information on my website and you liked the review. Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women are some of the most potent and in my opinion, best probiotics for women and they are very affordable.

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