What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands?

What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands?


Probiotic-containing products have become very popular in recent years as there’s growing evidence that probiotics can significantly improve our health and prevent many diseases.


You can take probiotics in the form of pills, drinks, and even jellies. In this article, I’ll discuss the best probiotic drinks that you can buy online and I’ll explain why your money will be better spent on probiotic supplements.


what are the best probiotic drink brands?

There’s no doubt that incorporating probiotics into your diet offers loads of health benefits, such as:


  • helping you prevent yeast infections and bacterial infections by stabilizing the levels of healthy bacteria in your body


  • boosting your immune system


  • treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis



  • helping you lose weight


  • improving your digestion


  • boosting your energy levels


  • reducing symptoms of IBS and Crohn’s disease


  • speeding up your recovery from flu and cold


What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands-


Drinking probiotic drinks is a very convenient way to increase your daily intake of probiotics, however, it’s important to choose products that don’t contain ingredients that can be potentially harmful.


I compiled a list of the best brands that make probiotic drinks following these criteria:


  • Their drinks cannot contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners


  • They don’t use  artificial flavorings


  • They don’t use plastic bottles


As you can imagine, the task of finding the brands that meet all my criteria was pretty difficult, but I managed to two high-quality probiotic drinks. Here they are:



Wai Powdered Drink Mix


Wai Powdered Drink Mix is one of very few probiotic drinks with no sugar, no artificial sweeteners or flavors. Despite having no sugar, it’s got a pleasant taste and there are 7 flavors to choose from.


It comes with 6 stick packs filled with powdered, and each of them can be mixed with 16 oz of water. Apart from being an excellent source of probiotics (5 Billion CFU) and prebiotics, Wai Powdered Drink Mix offers other health benefits, such as:


  • Reducing hunger


  • Reducing gas and bloating


  • Producing 12 strong antibiotics to fight against harmful bacteria


  • Improves  fat metabolism


  • Stimulates the immune system


  • 100% Natural


What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands-


Ingredients: Kakato (contains soluble probiotic fiber, tagatose, stevia extract, monk fruit extract and natural flavor), Natural Coconut and Pineapple Flavor, Bacillus Subtilis HU58, Bacillus Coagulants HC


Buy Wai Probiotic Drink Mix Today



Vega Probiotics Drink Mix, Elderflower Pear



Vega Probiotics Drink Mix contains 2 billion CFU shelf-stable probiotics, no added sugar, sweeteners, flavors or colors. Vega Probiotics Drink Mix is also vega-certified and gluten-free.


You can pick from two flavors: elderflower and pear or hibiscus and grapefruit. It’s got 16 pouches of powder per box and you can easily dilute it in a glass of water.


What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands-


Ingredients: Inulin, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, natural flavors, sodium bicarbonate, probiotics [Bacillus coagulants MTCC 5856], apple powder, stevia extract, organic lemon powder.


Do Probiotic Drinks Work?


As long as your probiotic drink contains live cultures of probiotics, it’s bound to work. However, their effect will be minimal because 2 or 5 billion CFU count is a very low number of probiotic cultures compared to 100 billion CFU that you can find in just one pill of a high-quality probiotic supplement.


So, if you’re serious about rebuilding your gut flora and preventing yeast infections and other diseases, taking probiotic supplements is a much better option than probiotic drinks.



One of my favorite brands is Garden of Life. They manufacture different probiotic blends with a high CFU count with a variety of up to 34 different probiotic strains chosen especially for women, men, children etc.


If you order through Amazon, it will be shipped with an ice pack to ensure that all probiotics are alive when you start taking the supplement. Just make sure that you store it in the fridge.


What are the Best Probiotic Drink Brands?




There is no doubt that probiotics offer an array of health benefits, and are indispensable if you try to treat or prevent recurring yeast infections. You can read more about how probiotics kill Candida here.


However, it’s important to choose the right source of probiotic cultures that will ensure maximum effectiveness. In my opinion, probiotic drinks don’t provide enough probiotic cultures and they’re simply too expensive.


Taking probiotic supplements or eating probiotic-rich foods is a much better option that will help you see almost immediate results.


Have you tried any of the probiotic drinks I recommend in the article? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please share your comments and questions in the comment section below.


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