Vaginal pH Products

Vaginal pH Balancing Products


If you’re looking for a vaginal pH balance gel, this section is full of useful vaginal gel reviews that will help make your decision easier.


Vaginal pH balancing support supposrt your vaginal health in numerous ways:


  • they help you treat and prevent vaginal yeast infections and BV by creating unfavorable conditions for potentially harmful microorganisms


  • they promote the growth of probiotics, friendly bacteria that produce lactic acid to maintain your pH balance in check


  • they help you get rid of vaginal odor by balancing the numbers of potentially harmful bacteria



How do vaginal pH balancing gels work?


The gels contain compounds, such as Polycarbophil or lactic acid, that prevent potentially harmful organisms from attaching to your vaginal walls, colonizing them and starting an infection.


They help maintain the right vaginal pH that makes it difficult for harmful yeast and bacteria to thrive and start proliferating.


Vaginal pH Balancing Products


When should I use a pH balancing vaginal gel?


You can use it whenever you notice abnormal vaginal symptoms such as odor or itching. If you use it early enough, you may prevent these symptoms from converting into a full-blown infection.


Once the infection is full swing, in some cases using a vaginal gel may be just enough to treat it. However, most of you will need a proper antibacterial or antifungal treatment, check my review of the best products to choose from. 


You can also use a pH balancing gel after going to the swimming pool, having a sexual intercourse or drinking alcohol to help your vaginal pH get back to the correct level and prevent a vaginal infection. It’s especially useful if you suffer from recurring yeast infections or recurring BV.


Vaginal pH Balancing Products


What is the best pH balancing gel?


My favorite pH balancing gel is Isofresh Vaginal Gel. It’s because it contains a natural ingredient called lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced by friendly bacteria in your vagina to maintain healthy pH levels and create a natural barrier against harmful microorganisms. So this gel will naturally promote your vaginal health and boost the growth of friendly bacteria.


Another advantage is that the manufacturer focused on creating a gel with the same salt levels as that of your vaginal cells. It prevents your vaginal walls from drying and getting irritated and it naturally moisturizes them which can help relieve abnormal vaginal symptoms.



Apart from IsoFresh, there are many other vaginal pH gels that you may want to try, check my full reviews here:








Vaginal pH balancing gels can be very helpful in treating and prevent yeast infections and BV, especially when you use it before the symptoms become more severe.


these gels are also great when comes to preventing vaginal infections as you may use it straight after activities that may trigger an infection: going to a swimming pool or having sex.


What’s your favorite vaginal pH gel? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.