What causes vaginal yeast infections? – Infographic

What causes vaginal yeast infections? – Infographic



Are you wondering why do you keep getting yeast infections? Is there anything you can do to prevent them?


I’ve put all major causes of vaginal yeast infections in a clear and concise infographic so you can find all the most important yeast infection triggers and take a better care of your health.


Most of these triggers are easy to avoid. For example, instead of synthetic underwear, go for breathable cotton. If you tend to get yeast infections after going to a swimming pool, find a pool that uses ozone or UV-sanitized water to avoid contact with harsh chemicals that could change your vaginal pH.


For the same reason, you should avoid vaginal douches and scented soaps. They may contain harsh chemicals that will irritate your vaginal area putting you at risk of developing an infection.


During your antibiotic treatment, it’s good to use probiotic suppositories and probiotic supplements. You can increase your intake of probiotic-rich foods, such as sauerkraut and tempeh, to further boost your immunity.


Drinking alcohol and coffee can affect your bacterial flora and immunity, so it’s easier to develop a yeast infection. Make sure you use alcohol and coffee in moderation or ditch them completely for better health.


Check our infographic below for more tips:



what causes vaginal yeast infections


As you can see there are many things you can do to cut the risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection. If you’re looking for the right yeast infection treatment, check my article about the best treatments for yeast infection.


Are you interested in using home remedies for yeast infection? Read my article about natural cures for yeast infection.  The most effective natural remedies for yeast infection are aloe vera, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. If your yeast infection is not yet full-blown, this treatment option may be just enough to get rid of it fast.



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