What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection?

What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection?


If you’ve got a yeast infection and you want to treat it naturally essential oils can prove to be very effective. I this article I’ll tell you what are the best essential oils you can use to get rid of a yeast infection and how to prepare vaginal suppositories with essential oils.


There are many essential oils with scientifically proved antifungal qualities. Take a look at this list:


Oregano Essential Oil

Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil



The above essential oils, although they can kill yeast cells, may prove too harsh to use on delicate vaginal tissues. Luckily, there are two essential oils that can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections if previously mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil: tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil.


What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection


How to Prepare Vaginal Suppositories for Yeast Infection?


Making your own suppositories for yeast infection or BV is very easy and requires few ingredients that you may already have at home. The only piece of equipment is a suppository tray. You can also use an ice cube tray with narrow or bullet-like cubes. However, a suppository tray comes with a pipette, making it easier to


What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection


The ingredients you need are Coconut oil, tea tree essential oil and/or lavender essential oil. Using both oils can make the suppositories more effective, but one of the oils on its own will also have a good effect. Make sure that the coconut oil you choose is top quality, organic, raw and extra virgin. One of my favorites is Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.


In a bowl, blend 5 tablespoons of coconut oil with 5 drops of tea tree oil and 5 drops of lavender oil (or 10 drops of one of these oils). With a pipette, place the mixture in the suppository tray and then put it in the fridge. It should solidify pretty fast, so you can start using it straight away.


For best results insert one suppository into the vagina before going to bed for seven consecutive nights. Make sure you use a sanitary pad as it may leak.


Don’t Feel Like Making Your Suppositories?


If you don’t want to make essential oil suppositories, you can buy them. There are tea tree oil suppositories containing only natural ingredients that you can buy over the counter without a prescription.


Femallay Tea Tree Oil Suppositories contain 7 suppositories for a one-week treatment. Insert one suppository every night before going to bed and use a pad in case it leaks out during the night.


The suppositories are made of 100% natural ingredients, take a look at the ingredient list: Tea Tree Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Illipe Butter, Carnuba Plant Wax.


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Tip: When using essential oil suppositories, or any other treatment for yeast infection, you may notice a great relieve after one or two nights. Make sure you don’t stop your treatment and you carry on for one full week. Some yeast cells may still survive in the vagina and if they don’t get completely eradicated you may get a new infection within weeks.


Are Essential Oils Safe?


Essential oil suppositories may cause a burning sensation straight after inserting, but it should subside within minutes. However, sometimes an essential oil can trigger an allergic reaction.


What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection


After inserting a tea tree oil suppository you may experience a burning sensation that doesn’t go away and gets more intense with time. If that occurs, remove the suppository immediately and try a different natural yeast infection treatment.

What to do if Essential Oil Treatment Doesn’t Work?


Essential oil treatment may not be potent enough in some cases. It may not work against Candida strains that are resistant to conventional treatments with azole medications such as Clotrimazole or Miconazole. If you don’t see any improvement within a few days from starting your essential oil suppository treatment, try boric acid.


Boric acid can be successfully used to treat difficult to treat yeast infections and well as bacterial vaginosis. The fact that it rarely gives any side effects and is inexpensive makes it an excellent choice for women who are looking for a potent natural treatment.


What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection?


Boric acid suppositories won’t easily leak out because they’re filled with powder. It means that you can insert one suppository in the morning and one in the evening so your symptoms will disappear pretty fast.


Your treatment will take seven days and after it’s finished you can keep inserting one suppository a week for 6 months to prevent yeast infections from coming back. It’s especially recommended for women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections.


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Essential oils, especially lavender oil and tea tree oil, are excellent natural remedies for yeast infections. Mixed with coconut oil, they can be inserted into the vagina as a suppository and they’ll help you relieve your symptoms within a few days of starting your treatment.


What is the Best Essential Oil for a Yeast Infection


If you’re allergic to these oils or your treatment doesn’t seem to work, try boric acid suppositories. They’ll treat your infection even if it seems immune to other treatments and it’s also completely natural.



Have you ever used essential oils to treat a yeast infection? Did it work? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.



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