What’s the Best Thing for Yeast Infection?

What’s the Best Thing for Yeast Infection?


If you’ve got a yeast infection, you must be desperate to get rid of the itching as soon as possible and make sure the infection doesn’t come back.


Fortunately, there are many OTC medications available, some are better than others, some work for specific Candida strains that cause yeast infections and are useless against others.


What's the Best Thing for Yeast Infection?


Some OTC medications for yeast infections may cause bothersome side effects, such as increased burning and itching. If you’ve tried some of them, you know what I’m talking about.


Fortunately, there’s a natural but very potent thing for yeast infection: boric acid suppositories. What I like about boric acid suppositories is that they’re completely natural and very effective.



What Makes Boric Acid Suppositories Stand Out?


  • They are supported by various scientific experiments.


  • They are effective against easy to treat Candida strains as well as those immune to conventional antifungal treatment, such as Candida glabrata.


  • If you decide to self-diagnose and confuse your symptoms with a bacterial vaginosis, it’s effective against both, so you’re bound to recover anyway!


  • Boric acid suppositories provide exceptionally good results in women who suffer from persistent, recurrent vaginal yeast infections


  • Boric acid suppositories are also effective in treating Trichomoniasis infection, a common sexually transmitted disease



  • Boric acid suppositories are reasonably priced and they’re within the same price range as other OTC antifungal medications



Which Boric Acid Suppositories Should I Choose?



Boric acid suppositories are becoming increasingly popular and most manufacturers offer high-quality suppositories with medical grade boric acid. The problem with yeast infections is that you don’t want to wait too long to start your treatment.


Every day with a yeast infection is a torture, so being able to receive your boric acid suppositories as soon as possible is a great advantage.


That’s why I always recommend BoriCap. If you order before 2 pm you get guaranteed shipment on the same day, which means that you can start your treatment promptly. You get 28 suppositories in one box, which should be enough for one-week treatment and maintenance treatment if you suffer from recurrent yeast infections.


Best thing for yeast infection


BoriCap is also one of the highest rated boric acid suppository products on Amazon with 88% of 4 and 5-star reviews.


“Gotta say… these changed my life. Dealt with a yeast infection for over a year. Went to the doctor 4 times being prescribed different things that never cured me and finally, I just ordered these on Amazon and crossed my fingers for some healing. Four suppositories later I was healed, infection totally cleared after over a YEAR of battling it. Wish I had gotten these sooner.”


by D$w, Amazon.com


Who Should Avoid Boric Acid Suppositories?


  • If you know that you’re sensitive or allergic to boric acid, steer clear. If you still want to use a 100% natural remedy for yeast infection, try tea tree oil suppositories. They’re not as potent as boric acid, but they may be just enough if you’ve got a one-off infection caused by Candida albicans (the most common Candida strain).


  • Don’t use boric acid suppositories if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Boric acid suppositories have not been tested thoroughly enough on pregnant and breastfeeding women, so it’s best to avoid them and see a doctor for a prescription drug designed for pregnant women.


what's the best thing for yeast infection?




In my opinion, boric acid suppositories are by far the best thing for a vaginal yeast infection. They are safe and economical and they work equally well in simple yeast infections as well as the more complicated ones.


They’re also effective in treating bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis, which helps a lot in case you decide to self-diagnose and self-treat.


Boric acid suppositories don’t tend to produce any side effects, but if you experience a burning sensation that doesn’t go away, or gets worse with time, stop using it immediately and try tea tree oil suppositories instead.


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