Is Monistat Over the Counter?

Is Monistat Over the Counter?


Monistat is is a medication commonly used to treat a vaginal yeast infection. It contains miconazole, a highly antifungal compound that effectively kills Candida albicans cells. The good news is that you don’t need a prescription to buy Monistat and you can buy it over the counter. The best place to buy Monistat online is Amazon.


Which Monistat Should I Choose?


There are three kinds of Monistat: Monistat 1 (one-day treatment), Monistat 3 (three-day treatment) and Monistat 7 (seven-day treatment). According to Amazon reviews, Monistat 7 is the most effective option.


Is Monistat Over the Counter?


The treatment lasts 7 days which means that all Candida cells that may have survived first three days of treatment will be killed. Monistat 7 will provide a lasting effect and help you avoid a recurrence.


Monistat 1 and 3 may sometimes be enough to cure a yeast infection, but there’s a higher probability of the infection to come back within a few weeks.



Does Monistat Give Side Effects?


If you’re allergic to miconazole, you may experience burning and itching after inserting Monistat cream. Should this happen, don’t use it again and try clotrimazole treatment instead. It’s as effective as miconazole and you can also choose between a 3 or 7-day treatment.



What to Use if Monistat Doesn’t Work?


In some cases, Monistat may not cure your yeast infection. It may be because you suffer from an infection caused by Candida strains immune to conventional antifungal treatment. If you still want to use an over the counter product, I recommend BoriCap.


BoriCap contains boric acid suppositories that are very effective in treating persistent and difficult to treat yeast infections in women. It’s also effective in treating bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis (a common sexually transmitted disease that may be confused with a yeast infection if not properly diagnosed).


Is Monistat Over the Counter


Boric acid suppositories are very effective and safe. They rarely give side effects, such as burning and irritation. Should you experience any of these, discontinue use and try other vaginal yeast infection treatments.




Monistat is a very effective over the counter medication for vaginal yeast infection and in most cases, a 7-day treatment with Monistat should be enough to clear the infection and make sure it doesn’t come back.


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If your yeast infection doesn’t clear within one week, go to see your doctor to get properly diagnosed. Your doctor may prescribe a stronger antifungal vaginal treatment along with oral treatment with fluconazole. You may also want to try boric acid suppositories, especially if you suffer from recurrent yeast infections.


Have you ever used Monistat to treat a yeast infection? Did it work? Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below.

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