Where do I Buy Kefir Grains?

Where do I Buy Kefir Grains?


Kefir is a drink made from any type of milk (cow’s, goat’s or even coconut milk). It made using kefir grains, a mixture of friendly bacteria and yeast. The grains are small, white and resemble pieces of cauliflower.



Where do I Buy Kefir Grains?

Kefir Grains



They ferment the milk, breaking it down and filling it with probiotics – friendly bacteria that carry an array of health benefits. After converting milk into kefir, the grains are removed and they can be used to make a new kefir over and over again.


You can buy your kefir grains from Amazon. The kefir grains with the best customer rating are:


1tbsp of Active Organic Milk Kefir Grains with Ebook



This offer includes one tablespoon of kefir grains, enough to make your first cup of kefir. With time the grains will mature and grow to allow you to make a bit more kefir every time.

These grains have been cultured for years to achieve a wide selection and count of beneficial bacteria. They are meant to be used with any type of milk, however, the most recommended is raw organic milk.


Apart from the grains, you’ll get a 29-page ebook with everything you need to know about making your own kefir. This the most popular product of this type on Amazon, with almost 2000 reviews and 96 % of 5 and 4-star reviews!


If you’ve got any questions about these kefir grains, be sure to check the Customer Question and Answer section.



What are the health benefits of kefir?


  • It’s an excellent source of many nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamins B12, B2 and K2, magnesium and phosphorus.


  • It contains a higher count and variety of probiotics (around 30 strains of friendly bacteria) than yogurt, boosting your immunity and protecting you from all sorts of infections, from a yeast infection to common cold. The probiotics can ease your digestive issues as well as protect from cancer.


  • Thanks to a high amount of calcium and vitamin K2, kefir protects your bones from osteoporosis.


  • Lactic acid produced by probiotics breaks down lactose. That’s why kefir will be easier to tolerate than milk for people with lactose intolerance.



What’s the Difference Between Kefir and Yogurt?


  • Kefir has got a wider range of probiotics



  • Kefir is more liquid than yogurt, so it’s usually drank, not eaten


  • Kefir is easier to digest than yogurt


Where do I Buy Kefir Grains?


Is Kefir Good for Yeast Infection?


Drinking kefir every day is an excellent way to treat and prevent yeast infections. Kefir is rich in probiotics, friendly bacteria that colonize your intestines and create conditions in which harmful yeast cells cannot survive.


When you drink kefir to fight a yeast infection, start slow. You can start with one tablespoon on the first day and then gradually an extra tablespoon every day so your digestive system can adjust slowly to all the kefir goodness. Otherwise, you risk suffering from bloating and diarrhea.


If you’ve got a vaginal yeast infection, you can apply kefir on your vulva and labia instead of an antifungal cream for immediate relief.


If you’re breastfeeding and suffering from a nipple yeast infection, apply some kefir to your nipple.






Kefir made from fresh kefir grains is an excellent source of nutrients and probiotics. It’s also very easy to make, the only equipment you need are a canning jar made of glass, a plastic fine mesh strainer and a wooden or plastic spoon.


Where do I Buy Kefir Grains?


It’s important to make sure that kefir grains never come in contact with metal. Some types of metal can react with kefir grains producing toxic compounds and contaminating your kefir.


Order Your Kefir Starter Today


The best materials to work with kefir grains are glass and plastic. Enjoy your kefir every day and watch how it boosts your energy levels and your immune system.


Have you ever made your own kefir? Have you tried using kefir for a yeast infection? I’d love to hear your stories. Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.

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