Where to buy Probiotic Supplements?

Where to buy Probiotic Supplements?


If you’re looking for quality probiotic supplements to boost your immunity and digestive health, there are many online shops that offer a great variety of products to suit different needs.


Take a look at our review of the best places to shop online for probiotic supplements:


Amazon Review


Amazon has got a fantastic choice of probiotic supplements. It’s got a bigger selection than other shops that specialize in dietary supplements, so if you’re looking for a particular brand that you can’t find anywhere else, Amazon is the place to go.






  • Vast selection of products


  • Sometimes there are deals available for bulk


  • Many product reviews available to make your purchasing decision either


  • Trusted online shop with a great reputation




  • Sometimes probiotic supplements that are supposed to be refrigerated are sent without an ice pack, so read the product page carefully before ordering


  • The price may fluctuate, it can suddenly drop or go up




VitaminShoppe Review



This online shop sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty supplements, sports nutrition, and other health and wellness products, it also manufactures its own products. I like the fact that VitaminShoppe offers monthly deals that will you sell a lot with bigger purchases, however, their selection of probiotic supplements is much worse than that of Amazon.


where to buy probiotic supplements



  • They offer new deals and discounts on a monthly basis so you can save money when buying your health supplies


  • They always ship probiotic supplements requiring refrigeration in a cold pack


  • The website is easy to navigate




  • Their choice of probiotic supplements is not good enough at the moment and you may not find some of your favorite brands, but it’s always worth checking.


  • It’s hardly as popular as Amazon, so many products lack customer reviews making your choice a bit more difficult if you’re wondering which probiotic supplement to choose (but you’ve always got my reviews!)



Vitacost Review



One of the leading online supplement stores on the market. Vitacost have grown a lot throughout the years and now they are also offering organic food, organic baby products, and cosmetics. They’ve got an excellent reputation and they offer great deals to help you save money.


where to buy probiotic supplements




  • Very good selection of probiotic supplements


  • Money saving deals and discounts


  • Customer product reviews to make your choice easier


  • Probiotic supplements needing refrigeration shipped with an ice pack




  • Due to a lower number of customers, it doesn’t offer as many product reviews as Amazon





If you like Natren probiotic supplements, it’s best to buy them from natren.com. They specialize in high-quality probiotic supplements and you can save a lot on bulk orders.


where to buy probiotic supplements





  • Great selection of probiotic supplements to suit different needs as well as probiotics for pets


  • A reputable brand selling quality products



  • All their probiotics are shipped in thermally controlled boxes




  • Not enough product reviews and all the reviews I found are 5 stars, a bit suspicious. You may want to find their product reviews elsewhere.


  • Limited choice of probiotic supplements, they only sell their own brand. However they sell make excellent products, so it’s definitely worth trying.



Facts About Probiotic Supplements


  •  Pick probiotic supplements that have viable through the end of shelf life” on the label rather than “viable at the time of manufacture”. The first one means that the manufacturer guarantees that the probiotics in the supplement are still alive when you ingest them, until the expiration date. “Viable at the time of manufacture” means that the probiotics may not be alive when you buy them making the probiotic supplement useless.


where to buy probiotic supplements



  • If you want to check whether your probiotics are dead or alive, do a milk test. Fill half a cup with milk, open two probiotic capsules and mix the powder with the milk.  Leave it overnight at room temperature. In the morning the milk should be curdled, have a yogurt layer or bubbles. If it hasn’t changed at all, it indicates that the probiotics are not alive and the won’t benefit your health in any way.


  • Read the label to check if the probiotic supplement is to be kept refrigerated. If that’s the case (it usually is)they should be sent to you with a cold pack or in a thermal box. Otherwise, the probiotics may die making the supplement ineffective. Also, make sure that you follow manufacturer’s instructions as to how to store your probiotic supplements. Most of them need to be kept in the fridge or in temperatures lower than 71°F.


  • Probiotic supplements are best ingested with dairy products. Research shows that dairy, such as yogurt, cheese or milk protects probiotics on their way through your digestive tract making sure they reach your intestines and start to colonize it boosting your immunity and overall health.




Finding the right probiotic supplement suppliers is not easy. User experiences vary and if you search for their reviews on the internet, you’ll find excellent opinions and some terrible ones about the same shop.


It’s worth to give it a go and find an online shop that’s easy to use, offers great products and is a trusted brand.


where to buy probiotic supplements


In my product reviews, I usually link to Amazon because it’s so easy to find any probiotic supplement you’re looking for. However, if you want to save money, it may be worth trying VitaminShoppe or Vitacost as they offer fantastic discounts.


Have you used any of the online stores I recommend? Are you happy with their service? Perhaps you could recommend a different store? Looking forward to reading your comments and answering your questions in the comment section below.

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