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Saforelle (Ellen) Probiotic Tampons Review

Saforelle (Ellen) Probiotic Tampons Review


If you’re tired of getting vaginal yeast infections during or after your period you can use probiotic tampons to reestablish your vaginal pH and bacterial flora and help treat or prevent a vaginal yeast infection or a bacterial vaginosis. I came across Saforelle tampons when I was trying to figure out why I was getting yeast infections straight after my periods. I didn’t know such a brilliant solution existed! By using Saforelle tampons during my period and taking my favourite probiotic supplement I managed to get rid of vaginal yeast infections for good. Check my review to find all the information you need.


Saforelle (Ellen) Probiotic Tampons Review




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How does it work?


The Saforelle Probiotic Tampons contain  Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus casei species rhamnosus ƒand Pedicoccus acidilactici, friendly bacteria that occur normally in a healthy vagina. The probiotics are freeze dried and mixed with vegetable hard fat so they can have a longer shelf life and be more resistant to temperature and light.


When you insert the tampon into your vagina, the probiotic bacteria are activated by moisture and warmth and released from the tampon. The blood absorbed by the tampon further boosts the friendly bacteria, so it can produce lactic acid and lower your vaginal pH causing other bacteria and yeast to die off. After one hour, all bacteria from the tampon is released into the vagina ready to colonize it and reestablish a healthy microflora.


Facts about Saforelle (Ellen) Probiotic Tampons:


  • According to the manufacturer, no ingredients of the probiotic tampon cause any toxicity, cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitization.


  • I always store them in a cool place to increase shelf life, never above room temperature.


  • The shelf life of the tampons packed in a tin can is 18 months, it means that the friendly bacteria in the tampons are guaranteed to be alive for 18 months, if stored in a cool place.


  • You can use it as a regular tampon during your period, for best effects, make sure you use at least 3 tampons a day during minimum 3 consecutive periods.


  • The probiotic tampons are suitable for long-term use and cannot be overdosed.


  • They’re available in three sizes: Mini, Normal and Super to suit your bleeding intensity.



Saforelle probiotic tampons are a great solution if you sufferSaforelle (Ellen) Probiotic Tampons Review from vaginal yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, especially if they usually occur around your period. The tampons are very comfortable, easy to insert and will help you maintain a healthy vaginal flora and build natural resistance to yeast or harmful bacteria.


The only drawback I found is the price. Saforelle tampons are a bit expensive, but I usually alternate them with normal tampons, so I end up using one or two Saforelle tampons a day with great results. I’d say, it’s worth to try them out, especially if you get recurrent vaginal yeast infections or bacterial infections during or after your period. You can buy them on Amazon.


Saforelle probiotic tampons review


I’d love to hear about your experiences. Let me know if you’ve tried them and if they worked for you in the comment section below.




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