Probiotics for Vaginal Health: Vaginal Suppositories

Probiotics for Vaginal Health: Vaginal Suppositories


With growing number of Candida yeast infections and an increase in antifungal drug resistance, using probiotics to treat vaginal yeast infection has become the focus of many studies.


Probiotics for vaginal health


Every year, more probiotic supplements and probiotic suppositories are being developed to help women combat vaginal yeast infections.


One of the main causes of vaginal yeast infections is a bacterial imbalance in the vaginal flora when there are not enough friendly bacteria to protect it from colonization by bad microorganisms, such as Candida or Gardnerella. It may be caused by:


  • using estrogen-based contraceptives


  • changes in hormone levels due to menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause


  • vaginal douching


  • low immunity


  • antibiotic treatment


  • for more information about vaginal yeast infection causes, please check my article


Probiotics for vaginal health


When there aren’t enough friendly bacteria, Candida starts to multiply causing unpleasant symptoms. One of the ways to treat or prevent vaginal candidiasis is using probiotics for vaginal health in the form of suppositories.


The probiotics, also called friendly bacteria, convert lactose in the vagina into lactic acid which helps keep the vaginal acidity level in the normal range of pH 3,8-4,5, preventing yeast and ‘bad’ bacteria from reproducing.


Also, certain Lactobacilli strains produce hydrogen peroxide that prevents “bad” microorganisms from growing out of control and causing unpleasant symptoms.


There is more and more scientific evidence showing the benefits of using vaginal suppositories with probiotics during antibiotic treatments and in cases of recurrent infections. What’s more, many studies show that intravaginal probiotics can also help to:



  • Reduce the risk of recurrent UTI (urinary tract infection)


  • Reduce the risk of recurrent yeast infections


  • Lower the risk of preterm delivery


  • Support infertility treatment, increasing conception rates



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Probiotic Suppositories Reviews


There aren’t many effective probiotic suppositories available on the U.S. market. There’s an abundance of these products in Europe, but the shipping costs may be high. I’ll keep updating this section whenever I find effective vaginal probiotics that don’t cost a fortune.


I’ll also add reviews of not so good vaginal probiotics, that may be a waste of money if you’re trying to prevent or treat a vaginal yeast infection. Please check my reviews here:







probiotics for vaginal care

If there are any probiotic vaginal suppositories that you’d like me to review or any questions or feedback regarding the article, please use the comment section below.



When to Use Probiotic Suppositories?


You can use probiotic suppositories either to cure or prevent vaginal yeast infections:



  • You can insert it along with an antifungal suppository to boost its effect, accelerate recovery and strengthen your defenses to avoid future infections.


Ecovag Review

  • You can use it after a session in a swimming pool, to help reestablish correct pH and healthy bacteria count.


  • Use it after a night out, when you drink a lot of alcohol to replenish the levels of friendly bacteria.


  • Use vaginal probiotic suppositories when taking antibiotics, take it throughout the duration of your treatment and up to one week after you finish treatment.


  • Use it when you’re suffering from chronic stress to boost your defenses and prevent increased cortisol levels from triggering yeast infections.


Have you ever used vaginal suppositories with probiotics? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.


  • Thanks for this information. Will probiotic suppositories cure my yeast infection or do I still have to use some other medication?

  • If you’re one of the thousands of women that experience ineffective medication and therapy for vaginal health improvement, probiotics may prove helpful. Many women can benefit from a regular intake of supplemental probiotics for vaginal health.

    • Thanks for commenting Mike, taking probiotic supplements and eating probiotic-rich foods daily reduces the risk of getting yeast infections and they can be used both as a preventative measure or treatment support.

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