Does garlic cure yeast infections?

Does garlic cure yeast infections?


Garlic is known for its antifungal and antiseptic properties and it has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for vaginal yeast infection. But how effective is it? Does garlic cure yeast infections? Let’s look at what research says.


There are some studies that show many beneficial qualities of allicin, a chemical found in raw garlic, but despite its high antifungal properties, it’s no longer recommended because:


  • it may destroy tissues on contact


  • it’s got a strong smell


  • it’s short-lived


  • reacts chemically producing potentially harmful compounds


  •  no trace of allicin is found in the bloodstream after ingestion


Does garlic cure yeast infections


Therefore, raw garlic and related products, such as garlic powders, are chemically unstable and their consumption can trigger side effects, such as stomach disorders and allergic reactions.


What’s more, in a new study led at the University of Melbourne, 63 women with Candida took three garlic capsules or placebo orally twice a day for two weeks.


Researchers found that at the end of the trial the amount of Candida in both groups was the same. This may suggest that taking raw garlic orally does not cure vaginal yeast infection, however, researchers say that more investigation is needed in this field.


Does garlic cure yeast infections


One of the reasons why eating garlic doesn’t help with vaginal yeast infection may be the fact that its most potent anti-fungal agent, allicin, is very volatile and undetectable in the bloodstream after consumption.



What’s the best garlic supplement?


When looking at a selection of garlic supplements available on the market, I realized that most of them claim to be allicin rich, which cannot be true because of its instability and high reactivity. On the other hand, garlic oils offer a very low amount of garlic essential oil and are full of additives.


Then I came across Aged Garlic Extract. I found that it’s the most studied, and therefore safe and standardized, form of garlic supplement. AGE is obtained by extracting organic fresh garlic and aging it at room temperature for 20 months.


The process allows allicin and allin to convert into health-benefiting antioxidants. Its main qualities are:


  • fewer irritating ingredients


  • it’s odorless


  • it’s abundant in antioxidants


  • rich in S-allylcysteine, a less potent antifungal compound than allicin, but with much better absorption by the body



Does garlic cure yeast infections?



Apart from fantastic anti-fungal qualities, Aged Garlic Extract is:


  • anti-tumor


  • anti-allergic


  • anti-psychological stress


  • anti-bacterial and anti-viral


  • offers cardio-vascular protection


  • helps prevent dementia



Buy Aged Garlic Supplement Today





Aged Garlic Extract is a safer and healthier alternative to raw garlic or other garlic-based supplements. One capsule a day will boost your immunity and help you prevent and fight Candida infections.


does garlic cure yeast infections


I’m interested to know if you have tried garlic or garlic supplements to fight Candida? Did it help?


  • Hi, I tend to get a yeast infection at least once a year and have been taking the Kyolic off and on to prevent that, but I tend to stop using it after about a week because it triggers a yeast infection. Is this supposed to be the case? Is it helping or hurting if it causes me to have a yeast infection? Should I take it longer if I want to see some long-term results? Or is my body responding negatively to Kyolic by producing more yeast? For example, I started randomly taking the Kyolic for 2 or 3 days about 3 weeks ago because I have been stressed out and eating a bunch of comfort (junk) food. Now I am clearing up a yeast infection with some Monistat. It seems to happen that way every time I take the Kyolic with my meals routinely for a few days. Is that normal?

    • Hi Yolanda, I’ve never heard about Kyolic triggering a yeast infection. I think that there must be another reason you’re getting yeast infections, for example stress (read more about it here). Also check my article about preventing vaginal yeast infections, you can find a lot of information about possible triggers there, I really don’t believe that Kyolic could be one of them. Good luck!

  • I have always been under the impression that garlic in any guise, will help with various health conditions and is a food that should be consumed regularly for various reasons.
    As for Candida albicans, I have not heard about the benefits of garlic for this condition but I would not be surprised if it did help with this ailment.
    I always make sure I have garlic in the cupboard and if I have any sign of a cold or flu symptoms, I will take extra. I have not had a cold or the flu for years. Whether it’s the garlic or just luck, I don’t know.
    Garlic has long been a known benefit for many health problems and I will keep taking it and using it in my recipes. If it helps with Candida, great! Ches

  • I found your article very interesting. I have friends suffering from candida and I remember them telling me they were eating more garlic during their outbreaks.
    Personally, I would eat more garlic too if I had yeast infections but I think the supplements you have here on your site are much better. I’ll have to share this with my girlfriends. Thanks for your information.

  • Hi,

    This is an amazing website! Beautiful to look at and very well laid out.

    It covers a topic which needs to be discussed. Yeast infections are so nasty to have to deal with!!

    Your natural cure information is extremely interesting. I always like to know of natural ways to treat and cure health problems. I also like the fact that you covered male yeast infections and cures.

    Adding the video explanation was also helpful.

    I just think you have done an excellent job.



    • Hi Eileen , thanks for commenting. I’m glad you found my article on using garlic for yeast infections helpful. Please keep checking for new articles as there are still many more to come. I’ll keep focusing on new discoveries about natural remedies for vaginal yeast infections.

  • I know of the uniqueness of garlic but I never knew it can also help to treat infection such as the vaginal yeast infection as the Aged garlic extract.

    Thanks for your review on the Age garlic extract, it was most informative and helpful. I look forward to your other reviews as I believe there is always something new to learn


    • Thanks for commenting Johnson. Please keep checking for new posts about natural remedies for vaginal yeast infection and the science behind them. All the best!

  • You have a rally interesting website here and everything is rally well designed. it looks very new and easy to navigate.

    This is an interesting article too, I can definitely see how garlic can cause stomach problems since it is so strong. Aged Garlic Extract seems like a very safe alternative and seems to have a lot of benefits.

    This was an extremely helpful article, thank you for the info.

    • Hi Dylan, Aged garlic extract is not only good for yeast infections, it can also be used to boost your immunity to prevent getting colds or during a cold to boost your defenses. I’m glad you like my website, thank you for your feedback.

  • What an interesting article! Fortunately, I do not have Candida, but what an informative article! I had no idea that raw garlic could be so harmful. Truly all I knew was that garlic had a very strong smell. The alternative that you talk about, Aged Garlic Extract, seems like a great way to help treat Candida. There are so many benefits to it, I’m not sure how one could say no!

    • Hi Rachel, Aged garlic Extract is not a very powerful remedy against Candida, it has a mild antifungal effect. But it also boosts your immunity enabling your body to defend itself from harmful microorganisms such as yeast. For more powerful antifungal remedies make sure you check my articles about essential oils and coconut oil.

  • Hi Kamila,
    I only just recently heard about Allicin but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was in relation to. I’ll have to go back through my notes of recent events I’ve attended to find out what it was all about. Sounds like this ACE product may just be the missing key that people have been looking for. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ange, I have to admit was a bit disappointed when I was doing my research for this article, because I used to think that allicin was one of the most powerful remedies for yeast infection. And although we can’t deny its potent antifungal properties, the fact that it’s very short lived and too harsh for our bodies makes it ineffective. Fortunately garlic in the form of AGE can be successfully used to help fight yeast infections.

  • Hi this is an awesome article and great subject, one of which I am very familiar with. Your research and findings are interesting, but I have to differ in it. I have used allicin for years now on and off. Not only does it help with my food allergies (gut issues), but it also helps with yeast. For me it’s a miracle in a tiny capsule and I can tell when I’ve not taken it. Just for the record I use these Allimed 450mg allicin powder capsules, and I take 2-4 caps daily. They are a reasonable price in the UK, but in other countries they’re very expensive, but they’re worth it. These are one supplement that I always go back to and could never be without unless God heals me. Thx for your interesting article. Best regards Sharon

    • Thank you Sharon for your comment. I’m glad that allicin-based supplements help you, when I was doing my research I found a lot of articles praising allicin, but when I looked at academic studies, they show that allicin is too short lived to survive in garlic supplements claiming to contain it. However, garlic as such has got other less potent antifungal agents and I suppose that’s what actually makes all the difference, not allicin itself.

  • Great info on using garlic against infections. I’ve always know that garlic is an excellent means against infections but I didn’t know of the existence of such a dietary supplement as Aged Garlic Extract. I love eating natural garlic but since I have duodenal ulcer and garlic irritates it, I can’t eat garlic very often. The product you recommend Aged Garlic Extract is a good alternative and I’m going to try it to boost my immunity. As I can see the product is not cheap but still affordable. Thank you for the info. BTW, have you tried it?

    • Hi Rufat, I used to eat raw garlic to boost my immunity too, but I found a better, odourless and less harsh alternative, Aged Garlic Extract and it works very well. Can’t remember the last time I had a cold!

  • My health care practitioner ran some tests on me and advised that I have high levels of candida in my body. However, I do not get yeast infections.

    She advised I do a candida cleanse diet. I tried this for a few weeks but honestly it was too difficult to follow.

    So I decided to search for other ways to rid the body of excess candida. A friend suggested taking garlic pills, but now I am not sure if this is the answer. But from the sounds of it the aged garlic pills may work.

    I will look into this further!

    • Hi, you can try the aged garlic pills, they may not have strong antifungal properties, but they will help boost your immune system so your body can fight Candida. You may also want to try propolis or essential oils, if you are interested in natural remedies for Candida. Good luck.

  • Hello Kamila, it is too bad fresh garlic orally taken is ineffective as a cure for Candida. If it is highly reactive and unstable then there is no use eating it and hoping to get cured.
    However, I also think that orally taking aged garlic should do the same thing. Well, it is also less potent than the first. But why can’t it be applied directly instead of oral application?

    • Hi Emmanue, Aged Garlic Extract is meant to be taken orally to boost the immune system and treat Candida overgrowth in the whole body, I don`t think applying it directly on the affected skin would help because the antifungal qualities of its compounds are reduced.

  • I have tried for high blood pressure. I experience good results but recently I haven’t track my results. It works very well and I heard a lot of people who have experience so good results that they quit the drug medicines and they continues with the garlic supplements. Of course combined with a healthy lifestyle, a regular workout routine to ensure solid results

    • Thank you for your comment Javier. I also know people who successfully use garlic to reduce blood pressure, It has got so many health benefits, and surely more will be discovered.

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