3 reasons why you shouldn’t use gentian violet for yeast infection

Is it safe to use gentian violet for yeast infection?


In this article, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t use gentian violet for vaginal yeast infections. If you need a 100% natural effective and safe solution to a yeast infection, try BoriCap boric acid suppositories.


Gentian violet is known for its potent antibacterial and antifungal qualities. It’s sometimes used as an antiseptic, or to treat athlete’s foot and ringworm. Sometimes it’s still used to treat burn wounds and oral candidiasis, especially in babies. It`s often recommended as a vaginal yeast infection remedy.


use gentian violet for yeast infection


I’ve tried it myself and I can tell you that apart from being messy, it’s very effective indeed, it’ll help you get rid of itchiness and other nasty symptoms within minutes, but I was always curious why pharmacies in the UK had stopped selling it and I always had to order gentian violet online.


So How Can Gentian Violet Affect Your Health?


I looked deeper into how gentian violet can affect our health, and I regretted ever using it! I even removed it from my home remedies section. Here’s why you shouldn’t use gentian violet for yeast infection:


  • Apart from causing allergic dermatitis, gentian violet can also lead to necrosis of the skin folds.


  • In large quantities, gentian violet can cause ulcers, lesions, and blisters of mucous membranes and is linked with mouth cancer.


use gentian violet for yeast infection


  • A study from 1985 found that gentian violet has a carcinogenic effect on animals with long-term exposure. A group of mice was regularly given high doses of gentian violet. Around 64% of females and 23% of males died within two years. Researchers found cancerous growths in their liver, bladder, uterus, vagina. Females appeared to be more susceptible than males.



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What can I use instead of gentian violet?


One of the most important things when it comes to fighting vaginal yeast infections is restoring your bacterial balance to boost your defenses and maintain the right pH levels in your vagina.


You can try taking one of my favorite probiotic supplements, Garden of Life Women’s probiotics, once a day for a few months or probiotic suppositories, such as Canesflor, once a week as a preventive measure.


If you are currently suffering from a yeast infection and looking for 100% natural treatment, you can use  Boric Acid suppositories. If you prefer to get rid of a yeast infection with home remedies, use aloe vera gel to make homemade suppositories.


3 reasons why you shouldn't use gentian violet for yeast infection


As you can see, there are many options available to help you get rid of a yeast infection, if you want to explore more possibilities read my posts about natural cures or antifungal medications.




Although the carcinogenic properties of gentian violet haven’t been studied in humans, the fact that it can cause such havoc in animals makes me believe that you should use it with a  lot of caution or not use it at all.


use gentian violet for yeast infection


Apart from cancer, it can cause very unpleasant and painful skin conditions, so it’s best to keep it away from your mucous membranes, including your vagina. There are so many natural and safe antifungal remedies and over-the-counter treatments available, that it’s not worth taking a risk with gentian violet. Stay safe!


If you’ve got any questions or comments, or want to share your experiences with gentian violet, please use the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!


  • I’ve desperate to find relief and I’ve tried everything from Boric acid suppositories, canesten suppositories, multiple creams, probiotics, eating a candida diet but I feel like this yeast isn’t leaving my body. I’ve had symptoms for almost 5 months consistently now. Doctors can’t seem to help Me! I’m so miserable.? not sure what to do anymore!!

  • I know this is an old post but I will comment anyway. It seems that everything I read anymore states it will cause cancer in massive quantities. I am a huge fan of GV but do NOT use it is massive quantities nor do I use it internally. I also tried boric acid suppositories for yeast and I can say that the pain and burning sensation this gave me on my external genitalia was excruciating. It literally thickened the skin it came in contact with as discharge, pain that was absolutely intolerable and I peeled like a snake shedding skin. I was in tears. Ever since that experience with BA I have recurrent skin irritation, vaginal/outer labial ‘paper cuts’ that rip open as soon as it heals, intense itching and skin flaking/shedding. The only relief that I get is with GV applied lightly to my external labia. GV has antifungal and antibacterial properties and something in it give me instant relief. This has been horrific. (I have been with my husband for 18 years and do NOT have herpes or any STD so I am not even entertaining those suggestions- been there and tested negative years ago). Natural doesn’t mean safe nor does it mean effective. BA works for so many people but for me it was a nightmare. Everyone can have a adverse reactions to anything.

  • I am a long time believer in gentian violet. Used it on my baby daughter (3 month old)when the thrush in her mouth would not clear with many prescriptions. It cleared with ONE swapping!
    Over all the years I have had 2 yeast infections and they cleared the day I swapped! Recommended it to friends and they were thrilled with results as well. Others commenting here had burning,maybe they should have checked the solution the gentian comes in, it should be water based, NOT alcohol based.Alcohol will bring on burning!! As with everything we eat and consume,when used excessively anything can be bad or bring on cancer or side effects. As for disappearing from pharmacies, pharmacists have told me it’s a messy preparation to make
    And doesn’t make them any money!! I will definitely use it again

  • Great results for me
    Having read all the above.
    Coming from a European background where gentian violet is used widely was very pleased when my OB used it to treat it on me for my once in a blue moon yeast infection.
    Was healed in 3 days with NO adverse side effects.
    Perhaps the ladies who used it at home and had issues had the wrong concentration.
    I will definitely use it again would the situation arise.

    • Hi Alexis, thank you for commenting. I also used gentian violet with great results with no side effects, but knowing that it is carcinogenic I wouldn’t use it again. Especially that there is a safer, 100% natural and equally effective remedy available called boric acid suppositories.

      • The study was done on rats, and an extremely high concentration of gentian violet was used. I think the dilution I used was .05% I don’t think there’s any comparison – no one I know who’s used it over the years had any issue. Have any humans ever reported cancer as a result of using it?

  • Hey hey, I just recently used gentian violet for my yeast infection before I reviewed your article about this. 2 days in I was alright, and then the third day my girly was red and sore and burned.. it was terrible. I’m now using yogurt to relieve pain but its unbearable. It’s really funny though because the yeast doesn’t seem to be present, however the external pain is unbelievable. Thanks for this article by the way.

  • I was prescribed Gentian Violet to treat a minor yeast infection 3 weeks ago and am still suffering from the chemical burns it caused. The doctor said my skin must have been allergic to the product. For this reason I would advise anyone considering using this product to be very careful with it, or try a more delicate natural remedy first hoping it will be the cure.

    • Thank you for commenting Sara. I’m really sorry you suffered from burns from gentian violet and I hope you’ll recover soon. Gentian violet, although very effective for yeast infection, can produce serious side effects, so it’s best to use antifungal suppositories, natural remedies or if you’re suffering from recurrent yeast infections, boric acid suppositories.

  • thank you for you information. is very interesting site and I had a lot to learn to read your posts.
    I am interested always in health issues.
    I enjoyed and I am sure that a lot of people will found your articles helpful.
    i am looking forward for more information and once again great job

    • Thanks for commenting Cristina, I’m glad you found some useful information on my website. Getting rid of a yeast infection can be complicated sometimes, so I think it’s important to know about both natural remedies and medication available to fight the condition.

  • It’s my first time reading about gentian violet, but I’m glad you provide good information regarding this product that I can avoid using it in future if ever I experience this kind of infection. It is really necessary to research about the product first before ever trying it. So thanks a lot of writing the negative side of this product.

  • Thanks for sharing 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use gentian violet for yeast infection. The health statistics today is so alarming, we have to therefore be more careful with all these medications. Many major illnesses are preventable. We should put in the effort to learn of a product and how to live healthy.

    • Thanks for commenting Norleila. There are so many home remedies for vaginal yeast infections recommended on 100s of websites, but very often there’s no mention of their potential adverse effects. It’s important to make informed decisions about the remedies you use, better to be safe than sorry.

  • Thanks for an informative article on why NOT to use gentian violet for vaginal yeast infections! My wife has used this before, and I now will let her know that she needs to use an alternative!

    As you say there have been no human studies, but the anilmal study results are enough for me too, as with you! It is now not a product I would consider using. I had not seen any negative posts or views of this product until today…Thanks for the heads up!

    • Thanks Dave. I’m glad you found it useful. I think it’s a shame gentian violet can be so dangerous because it’s an excellent antifungal and it used to help me when all other treatments failed. But now I prefer to be in pain for a week or two than to suffer from a serious disease caused by gentian violet.

  • I totally agree with you, even if it hasn’t shown any side effects of using Gentian violet in humans it’s better to be safe then sorry. Like you stated there are other remedies that woman can use to clear up yeast infections. What are some of your favorite home and over the counter remedies? Thanks.

  • Hi Kams, thank you for this interesting post. I always enjoy reading about natural ways to heal and treat ailments of the body. You have to be so careful with things now a days, and this post highlights that well. I was not sure what gentian violet was so did a quick google search. It really rather shocking to know that this can be purchased easily and cheaply all over the internet. What was even more worrying was that it was being advocated as an effective treatment for breastfeeding mums on a pro breast feeding sight! I work with breast feeding mums on a daily basis and thrush is a very common symptom. I have not heard any talk about this as a treatment but if ever crops up I will be sure to let them know about what I have read! Thank you very much. Just out of interest what would you recommend as the best natural remedy for thrush and fungal problems?

    • Hi Vic, I think the safest option would be either coconut oil or propolis, both strong antifungals, but I’m not sure how safe they would be for newborns. According to my research, using gentian violet long term can be cancer inducing, but hopefully using it very sparingly on nipples will not give any side effects. But still, to stay safe it would be better to choose other natural remedies, making sure that they are safe for babies.

  • Wow, who knew. Doesn’t this scare you so much? I mean, it really frightens me how things that are either used by many, or recommended by doctors, or advertised on tv commercials can actually be so harmful to the body. I always try to stick with natural remedies, but I’m finding that I have to be careful with that too. It’s impossible to know everything-about-everything – but I think the trick is to do research on anything you’re thinking about trying to hopefully find websites like yours to tell us the dangers! Thanks so much for the info.

    • Thank you Debra, I sometimes get confused when I’m doing my research because there are always contradicting studies, but what I do is choose the most recent ones because I assume they are the most reliable ones. As science develops, old information often becomes irrelevant. It’s definitely worth doing a bit of research even before using home remedies.

  • Hello
    You write about something that many people suffer from but shy from speaking about: yeast infection.
    You have explained why we should not use gentian violet and explained so well why not.
    l remember we used GV as it`s commonly known here for so many things,funny you mention it it`s the first time I realize l have not seen it in decades,Dint realize it`s no longer sold in most places.
    Thanks for a very informative read

    • Hi Roamy, I’m glad you found the article informative. Gentian violet is no longer available in pharmacies in the UK and most pharmacies in the U.S., I’m not sure about other countries. I remember when my treatment didn’t work and I desperately needed a cure, I bought gentian violet from Ebay. It worked very well, but now I regret ever using it.

    • It is sold in pharmacies everywhere I still buy it it’s worked for over 50yrs . Oh you can buy it at Walmart n kmart. When my daughter had thrush prescriptions done nothing n a backwoods doctor told me to get it. It cleared up almost immediately.

  • Hello, thank you providing for this type of information. I think that always before using medicine it is advisable to look for information. It is great that you found it .
    Yeast infection is unpleasant condition. As I know, that skipping sugary foods helps to improve microflora in you digestive system.
    Overall when immune system is weak, these fungus take over. Living without stress, can reduce these fungus in our bodies. Getting enough sleep, helps to deal with yeast infection too.
    Thanks again for providing information about dangerous treatment.
    All the best, Nemira.

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