Does Aloe Vera Cure Yeast Infection?


Aloe vera leaf has been known for it’s antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits for centuries. It’s commonly used to soothe sunburnt skin, disinfect cuts, and even as a delicate laxative, helping you to get rid of toxins. Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants.


In this article, I’ll tell you how to make aloe vera gel suppositories to treat a vaginal yeast infection at home. You’ll find out what’s the best aloe vera gel to use and what science found about the antifungal properties of aloe vera that help you fight a Candida infection. Read on!


Does Aloe Vera Cure Yeast Infection?

Before You Start Treatment, Make Sure it’s Really a Yeast Infection!


The main symptoms of yeast infection are:


  • Vaginal burning and itching
  • White, thick discharge (sometimes it can be transparent and watery)
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and urination
  • Reddened, swollen vulva


It’s easy to confuse yeast infection symptoms with other vaginal infections, such as STDs or BV. That’s why I always stress that getting diagnosed is super important. If you’ve got an STD, you need to treat it as soon as possible before it starts giving serious symptoms that could damage your health. Aloe vera and other antifungal treatments will not treat an STD.



Fortunately, there is an easy way to test for STDs. MyLabBox offers STD test kits that you can order online. My favorite kit is V-Box, it tests for the most common vaginal infections: Yeast Infections, BV, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.


When you order your test kit, you’ll receive it in a discreet envelope with easy to follow instructions. After taking your swabs, send them back and wait a few days for an email with your results. The service is so easy to use and the results are lab-certified so you can be confident that they’re reliable. If you test positive, you’ll get a free medical consultation to help you choose the best treatment options. Go ahead and order MyLabBox STD test kit today!

What Else Could Be Causing Unpleasant Symptoms?


Vaginal itching and burning, as well as discharge, may sometimes have benign causes that are easy to fix:



  • You may be suffering from dermatitis. It is a type of skin inflammation accompanied by itching, swelling, and redness. It affects only the external part of the vagina so you will not get an abnormal discharge. Vaginal dermatitis can be relieved with a natural vaginal itch cream.


Use aloe vera to treat vaginal yeast infection naturally


How to use Aloe Vera for Vaginal Yeast Infection?


As a preventative measure, you can drink Aloe vera juice or take Aloe vera capsules to fortify your immune system and maintain healthy intestines to keep Candida at bay fight yeast infections. If you’re interested in supplementing your diet with natural antifungals check my article about best natural supplements for yeast infection.


Many women suffering from a vaginal yeast infection spread Aloe vera gel around the vulva to relieve the itching, some make Aloe vera gel suppositories and insert them overnight.

Does aloe vera cure yeast infections

If you want to use Aloe vera this way, first of all, you’ll need a good quality Aloe vera gel. When buying Aloe vera gel, make sure it meets the following criteria:


  • The ingredients should include Aloe vera, distilled water, and a natural preservative, such as tocopherol.


  • Avoid products with such ingredients as lidocaine, alcohol, or chemical preservatives.


So what’s the best aloe vera gel?


There is a great selection of Aloe vera gels on the market. Many of them have got beautiful packaging that makes you want to apply them to your skin straight away. But after a lot of research, I realized that 99% of Aloe gels that claim they are 100% pure contain chemical additives, that can be potentially toxic.


Does Aloe Vera Cure Yeast Infection- (2)


After researching more, I managed to find two products that contain only natural ingredients and no chemicals. According to the label, you should refrigerate them, which makes me believe they’ve definitely got no preservatives. Buy Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera 4 oz Gel or check my full review here.

How to make Aloe vera vaginal suppositories?


  • You’ll need a suppository tray, the smaller and rounder the ice cubes, the easier it will be to insert them!

Does Aloe Vera Cure Yeast Infection- (3)


  • Pour the mixture into the tray and leave it in the fridge


  • Once solid, applying aloe vera gel is pretty easy. Insert one suppository inside the vagina overnight. If the symptoms don’t clear within 3 days, make sure you go to see your doctor.


  • Don’t forget to use a pad!


Using an aloe vera gel vaginal suppository can be just enough to help you recover from a yeast infection and improve your vaginal pH. However, if you suffer from a chronic yeast infection, boric acid suppositories may be more effective.


What’s the Evidence That Aloe Vera has got Antifungal Properties?


In recent years more evidence for its antifungal qualities has emerged. Turns out, aloe vera is an effective natural remedy for a yeast infection because it can inhibit the growth of Candida cells. Have a look at the research:


  • A 2011 study shows that Aloe vera gel inhibits Candida albicans cells growth by at least 90% and could be used to create new antifungal treatments.


  • According to a 2010 study from India, the antifungal qualities of Aloe vera leaf gel may be thanks to a protein it contains, known as 14 kDa. The protein shows potent antifungal activity against Candida albicans (the most common species that cause vaginal yeast infections), Candida paraprilosis and Candida krusei. The results are promising and show that Aloe vera could be successfully used in natural, plant-based antifungal treatments.


There are many other studies that prove aloe vera can be used as an effective natural yeast infection treatment, but I won’t be discussing them here. I didn’t find any studies that focus specifically on vaginal yeast infections, but the fact that Aloe vera has got strong antifungal qualities is welcome news.


Aloe vera kills Candida cells

Is Aloe vera safe?


Aloe vera is generally safe, but you should avoid it if you’ve got garlic or onion allergy. If you use it for a long time it can cause allergic skin reactions.


Also, steer clear of Aloe vera if you suffer from diabetes, because it can lower blood sugar levels. Because of its blood-thinning properties, you should avoid it if you suffer from blood disorders, heart disease or take blood-thinning drugs.


If you’re not sure whether Aloe vera is safe for you, ask your doctor. Generally, in healthy people, it shouldn’t cause any side effects apart from an occasional allergic reaction.


Does aloe vera cure yeast infection?

How to Prevent Yeast Infections?


There are many things you can do to cut the risk of getting a yeast infection:


  • Steer clear from tight-fitting, synthetic underwear, leggings, and tights. Loose-fitting clothes made from natural fabrics will allow the air to circulate down there to keep the area dry. Yeast cells thrive in warm and moist environments.


  • Avoid swimming pools that use chlorinated water. The chemicals used to sanitize water in most pools can change your vaginal pH, which can trigger a yeast infection. Try to find a UV- or ozone-sanitized pool in your area. Alternatively, you can use a probiotic suppository after your swimming session to help restore a healthy vaginal pH.


  • For the same reasons, you should avoid vaginal douches, harsh soaps, bubble baths, and vaginal deodorants, they also may be causing yeast infections. You can find safe alternatives to these products on my website (for example bath bombs that don’t cause yeast infections).


Make aloe vera suppositories for yeast infection


What are Other Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection?


Apart from aloe vera, there are many natural remedies for yeast infection that have been scientifically shown to kill Candida. Some of the most popular and effective are:


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is used in many natural creams and suppositories for yeast infection and BV thanks to its fantastic antifungal and antibacterial properties. Make sure to use high quality, virgin coconut oil to make the most of its healing power.


natural cures for vaginal yeast infection


Boric Acid


Boric acid is becoming a very popular alternative yeast infection treatment. Studies show that this natural white powder found in volcanic rocks is able to treat even most stubborn, chronic yeast infections. It’s also effective against BV and trichomoniasis.


Essential Oils


There is a wide selection of essential oils that have antifungal properties. The ones that can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections naturally are lavender oil, tea tree oil, and oregano oil. Make sure to never use an essential oil on its own, mix a few drops with some olive oil or coconut oil before applying it on your skin for fast relief.



Aloe vera is packed with health-boosting elements and its antifungal qualities make it a perfect home remedy for a yeast infection. Beating Candida with natural remedies is possible and there’s so much scientific evidence behind it. If you’d like to learn about other natural remedies for vaginal yeast infection and Candida, check my article about curing yeast infection naturally.


Does Aloe Vera Cure Yeast Infection?


If you decide to use it to treat your vaginal yeast infection naturally, contact your doctor first.


I’d love to know if you’ve ever used Aloe vera gel or Aloe vera juice as a home remedy to fight a yeast infection. Did it help? Please share your comments and questions in the comment section below.


  • Fyeastinfestation

    I’ve been suffering from yeast for almost three years. The first time I went to the doctor, they found three different infections. They found BV and two different yeast. Both BV and one yeast went away but one remained till this day. I feel sick to my stomach when I go to my gyno and they keep prescribing the same medicine. This is what I hate about doctors, most just know how to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe. My yeast has gotten so bad that I dread peeing, affects my skin, painful sex. It’s been a living nightmare. Thankfully, I came across articles like this and I’ve been using aloe and tea tree oil. It feels a lot better down there. My goal for this year is to look into the internal aspect of yeast. Ladies remember yeast is not just in your vagina, it’s in your gut. YOUR GUT NEED REPAIR. oh, I forgot to add! whenever I eat anything with carb or sugar, peeing becomes a nightmare.

  • Is been 2years now safaring with candida hope as am about to use aloe vera it will get rid of candide yeast infection in my body am tired of it , i have plant here

  • thanks man! it’s work for me. From 2 years around my vagina i had a fungal infection. i had gone to doctor and tell them but my infection has not been cured, i change my doctor 4 times but still has not been cured. once i even thought to commit suicide by this problem but i always fought with itching problem. and your article help me very well to cure this fungal problem permanantly

  • I tried it. It burns like hell 🙁

    • I’m sorry to hear that Jessica, what type of aloe vera gel did you use? Many aloe vera gels contain irritating ingredients, such as alcohol so it’s really important to check the ingredient list before using it.

  • Nana thank you for the insight. Many females have so many reproductive health issues more so in Africa but have no idea how to handle them. they are both ignorant and afraid to talk to someone for help. The medical people do not really address such issues because they are few in number and the population is overwhelming. Females are not educated on the does and do-not’s of reproductive health. They do not know how to take care of themselves. Lucky for a few of us with knowledge we can help ourselves. Its great you take it upon yourself to help the females that you can.

    • Thank you for your comment Julian. Every month my website gets more and more visitors from Africa. I’m glad that I can reach more and more women around the world. However, as you say, there are so many women without internet access, let alone a doctor. I guess that reproductive health issues may be taboo in some communities making it even more difficult for women to seek help.

  • Hi am Ugandan and have been having a funny discharge(white-ish) only but for a long time and sometimes it would clear and reoccur. I later developed severe itching. I applied aloe vera gel by Forever Living and yeah there’s an improvement. I apply it twice a day and there’s a great difference. Thank you very much

    • Hi Julian, I’m so glad you see an improvement with aloe vera gel. Are your symptoms completely gone? Aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil can have a better effect than aloe vera on its own. Good luck!

  • Ok, I am so sorry, I was commenting on the wrong post! SO SORRY! UR’s has amounts, the other 1 didnt! MY BAD! Again Im so sorry! Gotta pay closer attention when im commenting on things!

    • Hi Namaste, thank you very much for commenting. I’m glad you found the info you were looking for, it’s basically 1:8 ratio (aloe vera:coconut oil). All the best!

  • Hello Kams, I love Your article…lots, but the issue I find w/it is, there R no measurement amounts to use??? 1/4 tsp. Aloe to 1/8 tsp coconut oil? 1 tblsp aloe to 1/2 tblsp oil??? Equal parts Aloe to oil? How R we to know how much to use for it to work? How do I suggest to a friend how to do it since haven’t & dont have a YIF to try it on, so I dont know how much to tell her to mix? If possible, please let us know how much U mixed together for UR’s that worked. THANKS SOOOOO VERY MUCH for the info, keep up the awesome “Natures Organic Natural Path”….Thats the path I’v been on for many years now! B safe & pay attention! Namaste ?

  • Susan A Shoemaker

    I have been dealing with candida glabrata for 5 months and have had very little relief. I have used boric acid suppositories twice for 2 weeks at a time, nystatin suppositories for 2 weeks and several different creams prescribed by my gyn. I am at my witts end and was wondering would aloe Vera oil would help with candida glabrata?

    • Hi Susan, the research I found shows that aloe vera works for Candida albicans, Candida krusei and Candida paraprilosis, no mention of Candida glabrata. I’m surprised boric acid didn’t help you, as it’s supposed to be very effective in persistent cases of VYI, against a variety of Candida species. Have you tried combining your boric acid treatment with probiotic suppositories and probiotic supplements? Another option you could try is propolis suppositories or honey. Please keep us updated on your progress. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for the knowledge. I was suffering from the yeast infection with intense itching till I came upon this post. I applied bottled organic aloe vera and it works!!! I only applied for 2 days and it is starting to clear away. =))

    • Hi Nana, I’m so glad aloe vera works for you! By bottles aloe vera do you mean aloe vera juice or gel? Did you use it as a vaginal douche or did you mix it with coconut oil?

  • This has been very helpful as I have had recurring UTI for some time now. My husband suggested that I try Aloe vera but I wanted more information first.
    We have it right in our yard and so here we go!

  • I have the aloe vera plant home. If i insert a piece overnight does it melt in there? Or is it something i have to remove the next day? I know it’s a silly question but i want to make sure that I know what i am doing. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Angelica, I think it’s best to put a peeled aloe vera leaf in a blender, add some coconut oil and pour it into an ice cube tray and leave it in the fridge until it’s solid, so it will be easier to insert it. Another way is to liquidize a peeled leaf and then use a clean syringe to squirt it into the vagina. Good luck!

  • I have continuous itching around my vagina and some white spots are also seen….its been about 3 weeks…is it a yeast infection?? It’s disturbing me a’s even painful as I have to scratch the itch..the itch is more during the night.. I have started applying aloe vera from today..hope it helps me get rid of this..

    • Hi Roshna, white spots could indicate a different type of infection, so it would be best for you to get diagnosed by a doctor, especially that you’ve been suffering for 3 weeks already. Aloe vera may help you with the symptoms as it’s both antifungal and antibacterial, but I advise you to see the doctor and get proper diagnosis and treatment. All the best!

  • Yes, I have used aloe Vera also, but I take the gel from inside the plant to inset inside my vagina. It worked perfectly to cure yeast infection. Don’t buy the aloe in the bottles, they are not all natural. You must use the gel from inside the plant. Doctors won’t tell you because then they will loose patients and $$$$.

    • Thanks for commenting Bia. Using fresh aloe vera gel is the best way to go, however not all of us have access to an aloe vera plant when we need it most. I researched a lot of bottled aloe vera gels and vast majority contain irritating chemicals. However, I found a few that have got only natural ingredients, you can find my reviews here.

  • I do use natural aloe vera on my vagina and it cures cysts!! You should try it out.

    • Thanks for your comment Relieved! I’m very happy to hear that you managed to get rid of your yeast infection with aloe vera. When I was fighting the infections my doctors never recommended it to me either, but it’s an excellent natural remedy so it’s worth to have one of these plants handy or buy an all natural aloe vera gel.

    • Hei. I have suffered from vaginal itching, yeast infection for over 7 years now, and now that I am pregnant, I refuse to use the meds my doctor prescribed. Like you, I have spent so much going back and forth to the doctor without any results. This is my first day applying fresh aloe vera onto my vagina and miraculously, the itching instantly stopped. I really hope that the ithcing plus the infection will stop as soon as you do because it is really getting on my nerve and I am worried for my baby.

      I will keep you posted about the progress.
      Thanks for the information!

  • Great article. I used aloe Vera gel tonight to help with my current yeast infection, and so far it’s been working fine! It stung at first but then the itching and pain went away. The kind I used had lidocaine in it, though. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. After reading this, I’m going to try to go to the store today and get a better aloe vera gel, and I’ll try making those suppositories too. I’ve never used anything like that though, and I’m a little nervous.

    Do you think that combining tea tree oil, coconut oil, AND aloe Vera gel could be a cure for yeast infections?

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for commenting. Tea tree oil, coconut oil and aloe vera gel are all antifungal, but I think if you use them all together to make suppositories they could be a bit too harsh (especially tea tree oil and aloe vera). I’m also not sure if coconut oil and aloe vera gel would mix well. Let me know what you’ve decided and how it worked for you. All the best!

  • What if I coconut oil causes a UTI for me?

    • Hi Amber, coconut oil shouldn’t cause UTI because it’s got antibacterial and antifungal qualities. But if you think it does, you could try using aloe vera instead.

    • Hi Amber,

      If you are TYPE A blood, then the chances are higher for an allergic reaction to coconut oil!

      I just rubbed cheap aloe vera gel down there as a desparate attempt to clear up a relentless yeast and it works!

      God Bless,


  • Aloe vera is definitely a great way to cure different health issues like scabs and itchiness and judging from this article it also helps yeast infections which I didn’t know before. It just adds to the potent benefits of using aloe vera. I usually took aloe vera from the plant but I also like its liquid form.

  • Aloe vera was something that i was deeply interested in for a long time. I knew it’s benefits but not so deep like you. It has become a tending ingredient in many health and cosmetic products.
    I may not be a woman and i do’t have a vagina, but still it was an interesting article and it may be really helpfull for women sufering from this condition. Good work!

    • Thanks for you comment Tyler. Aloe vera has got so many health benefits, it’s really worth to grow your own at home. Where I live it’s a very common plant and it grows everywhere, so it’s always on hand when we need it. If you don’t have access to fresh Aloe vera, it’s worth to get a 100% natural Aloe vera gel, you can check my review here.

    • Could I use all pure aloe vera juice or must it be the gel

      • Hi Ashley, I’ve never used aloe vera juice to make suppositories, so I’m not sure about the proportions you should use. But many studies on aloe vera and Candida were done using aloe vera juice, so I’m sure it will work but you’ll have to experiment with the amount of coconut oil you add so it can solidify properly.

  • That’s an interesting and natural cure for the vaginal yeast infections. Medicines sometimes do not work or even worse sometimes they grow the problem. Natural products are for the best. And Aloe Vera could be a medicine for everything! I have also heard of the tea tree as a cure for yeast infection in small quantity, what is your opinion? Thanks for this article, it was really helpful!

    • Thanks for commenting Effie. Tea tree oil has got fantastic antifungal qualities, I wrote about it and other essential oils in one of my posts. However, people may sometimes be allergic to it and if applied in the vagina, it can give a stinging sensation. It’s best to use it mixed with coconut oil (another potent natural antifungal).

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