Is Beeswax Antifungal?

Is Beeswax Antifungal?


In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about another natural remedy for yeast infection called beeswax. As other bee products, such as honey and propolis, beeswax has been shown to have antifungal qualities.


Below I’ll discuss what science says about beeswax and Candida and how you can use it to treat different types of yeast infections.


is beeswax antifungal


How is Beeswax Made by Bees?


Beeswax is produced by honey bees. They’ve got special glands in their abdomens that excrete beeswax. They later deposit it in the hive.


It’s later mixed with pollen oils and propolis, which give it a yellow tint. Hive workers use it to build cells for honey storage (honeycomb) and to build protection for larvas and pupae.


is beeswax antifungal



Does Beeswax Have Antifungal Qualities?


There’s a lot of research available about antifungal properties of bee products. Most of it focuses on honey and propolis, but there are some scientific experiments that focused specifically on beeswax. Let’s have a look:


  • A 2005 study found that a mixture of honey, beeswax and olive oil can be successfully used to kill Candida cells. Candida cells are yeasts that trigger yeast infections. Used in proportions 1:1:1, these three ingredients can be used to treat diaper dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.


  • Other studies found that beeswax is able to kill Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger cells. Its antimicrobial qualities can be enhanced with other natural antifungal products such as honey or olive oil.


is beeswax antifungal


How to Use Beeswax for Yeast Infection?


If you want to treat a skin yeast infection naturally, apply a mixture of one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of beeswax and one tablespoon of raw honey directly on your skin as often as you need. You can also buy Honey Healing Stick.


Apart from the ingredients above, it’s also got lavender oil and tea tree oil, two essential oils with antifungal qualities


If you’ve got a vaginal yeast infection, you can use a natural cream with beeswax made especially to soothe vaginal itching. One of my favorites is VMagic, a soothing vaginal cream that will relieve external itching caused by a yeast infection.


Apart from beeswax, it contains other natural antifungals such as propolis, honey and Sea Buckthorn oil.


is beeswax antifungal



What Are Some Other Natural Antifungals?


If you’re interested in learning about other bee products with antifungal properties check my articles about using honey and propolis for yeast infection.


There are many more natural antifungal remedies that you can use in different ways to treat various types of yeast infections. If you want to learn more about them, go ahead and check my articles about using coconut oil and olive oil to kill Candida cells.



is beeswax antifungal




Beeswax has got many different uses in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because of its unique qualities. Research shows that it can also be used to kill Candida, yeast cells that cause yeast infections. It’s great news for those who suffer from yeast infections are searching for new natural treatments.


A salve or cream that contains beeswax, together with olive oil, propolis and honey, can prove to be just enough to relieve external itching caused by a yeast infection.


Buy VMagic Vulva Cream Today


If you’ve got a vaginal yeast infection, you’ll also need to treat it internally. Check my recipes for homemade coconut oil suppositories and treat your infection naturally at home.


Have you ever used beeswax or other bee products to treat a yeast infection? Where you happy with the results? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.




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