Do tampons cause a yeast infection?

Do tampons cause a yeast infection?


Millions of women develop vaginal yeast infections. While not life-threatening, this infection can sometimes seriously affect the quality of life, especially when it is recurrent. The yeast infection often presents with a discharge, redness and irritation around the vagina.


In addition, yeast infections of the vagina may also lead to painful or uncomfortable intercourse and painful urination.



Do tampons cause a yeast infection?



Yeast infections of the vagina tend to occur when there is an imbalance of bacteria and yeast, resulting in overgrowth of the latter. One of the more common causes of yeast infections is a change in the acidity in the vagina. During menstruation, the extra bloody fluid tends to increase the pH.


In addition, the levels of the sex hormone estrogen are lowest at this time period and this is also associated with an increase in pH. A less acidic and alkaline vaginal environment is ideal for the growth of yeast.


Additionally, using tampons during your period can make you even more vulnerable to a yeast infection.


Do tampons cause a yeast infection?


Over the years evidence has been accumulating that use of certain tampons may adversely affect the vaginal pH and allow the yeast to overgrow.


It is believed that the tampons collect the vaginal secretions; this leads to an increase in pH, which promotes the growth of the yeast. Regular tampons act like a sink and tend to absorb any fluid in the vaginal area.


Thus, one of the ways to prevent yeast infection of the vagina is to use pH-balancing tampons that tend to keep the area acidic.



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What are probiotic tampons?



In the last few years, probiotic tampons have been developed to help counter yeast infections. These tampons, called Saforelle, are packed with bacteria that can help establish and maintain the acidic pH and prevent the overgrowth of yeast. The probiotic tampon helps prevent yeast infections during menstruation.


Do tampons cause a yeast infection?


By continually releasing the probiotic bacteria, the growth of yeast is held in check. Further the lactobacillus in the probiotic tampon also gradually releases lactic acid, which maintains the vaginal pH acidic and hence this also prevents the growth of the yeast. You can:


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How can you prevent yeast infections of the vagina?


Even though probiotic tampons can reduce the frequency of yeast infections, there are other things one can do to prevent these infections that include:


1. Keep the vaginal area dry. For example, after a shower or a bath make sure you wipe the genitals dry.


2. Wear loose fitting pants or shorts during exercise.


3. After a swim or exercise, change into dry clothes


4. Do not use douches. they can irritate the vagina


5. Do not use antibiotics unnecessarily for prolonged periods



Do tampons cause a yeast infection?


6. Wear underpants and pantyhose made of cotton fabric, which tends to absorb moisture better than other fabrics.


7. Avoid wearing tight undergarments as they can lead to building up of heat and humidity, conditions that favor the growth of yeast.



How to treat a yeast infection?


You can treat a vaginal yeast infection using either over the counter medication, or natural remedies. When it comes to medication, Monistat is a great option. It contains seven doses of antifungal cream which you have to insert into your vagina with applicators provided over the course of 7 days.


You will see a relief in symptoms after the first night, but make sure you continue to use the cream for seven consecutive nights to make sure the infection doesn’t come back.


If you prefer natural remedies, coconut oil is a great option.


  • Mix 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil


  • Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and put it in the fridge


  • Once solid, insert one cube into your vagina overnight for as many nights as you need.


  • Remember to use a pantyliner!


Do tamppns cause a yeast infection?


If you are interested in other home remedies for a vaginal yeast infection, check my articles about:





Do tampons cause a yeast infection?




Probiotic tampons are a cost-effective and practical way of preventing vaginal yeast infections during your period. These tampons can be bought online and do not require a prescription. If you’re suffering from recurrent yeast infections, learn what else you can do to prevent them here.


While very painful and uncomfortable, vaginal yeast infections are usually not difficult to treat. There is a vast array of over the counter medications for yeast infection that you can buy on Amazon as well as many options for those of you who prefer natural treatment. Check my other articles to find a solution that suits you best.


Do tampons cause vaginal yeast infection?


Have you ever used probiotic tampons? Did they help you prevent vaginal yeast infections? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.


  • I have not used probotic tampons but I think it’s a great way to prevent yeast infections. It doesn’t hurt to use them to ensure that you don’t mess up your balance and therefore prevent an infection.
    I never heard of using coconut oil with tea tree oil as a treatment for yeast infection. That is going to be one cold ice cube! LOL. Which natural remedy have you found to be the most effective and the shortest time in combating a yeast infection?

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