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Will yeast infection go away with period

Will yeast infection go away with period?

Why do I get yeast infection before period?



You may be asking yourself why you’re getting bouts of vaginal yeast infection right before or after your period, or why your symptoms seem to go away with period. This article will explain why it’s happening and what are the best ways to avoid getting yeast infections related to hormonal imbalance that you experience just before, during and after your period.


Just before your period the estrogen levels decrease. It lowers the pH in your vagina causing some of the friendly bacteria to die off. This creates a perfect environment for Candida to thrive.


What’s more, just after your ovulation progesterone levels go up and high levels of progesterone have been shown to weaken the immune system and your body’s ability to fight Candida decrease.


So it’s common to get a yeast infection before period because those hormonal changes lower your vaginal pH and your immunity providing a friendly environment for Candida to grow.



Will yeast infection go away with period?


Why do I get yeast infection before period?

Straight after ovulation the estrogen levels dip and progesterone levels rocket creating a perfect environment for Candida

You may be asking yourself if your yeast infection will go away with period, so you don’t have to go to the doctor’s and get treatment. Are you hoping you’ll just put up with the itch for a few days and you’ll be fine? I’m afraid not. The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection may ease or even disappear completely during your period, because blood flow changes the pH level in your vagina and Candida can’t grow in a high pH environment.



However, if you don’t treat your vaginal yeast infection, the symptoms will most certainly come back once your period is over because many Candida cells will survive and will be able to multiply in no time, causing a new Candida bout.


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How to avoid getting a vaginal yeast infection around your period?


Will yeast infection go away with period- (2)

  • Use probiotic tampons during your period to help reestablish healthy vaginal flora preventing yeast from multiplying and producing nasty symptoms.






  • Wear only 100% cotton underwear, and steer clear from leggings, tights and tight trousers which don’t allow air circulate freely around the vagina.


  • Find more tips on avoiding vaginal yeast infections in my recent post.



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Will yeast infection go away with period?

Unfortunately, although period can bring you a temporary relief from symptoms, it will not make a vaginal yeast infection go away. But there are many things you can do to avoid getting it in first place. Once you do get it, make sure you go to see your doctor to get diagnosed and treated. You may also try using some natural remedies for vaginal yeast infection or over-the-counter antifungal medications after consulting your doctor.


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